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Hi, I’m Michelle Winter, creator and owner of MRB Dance. My dance journey started on my 3rd birthday, when I was taken to my very first ballet and tap class. That first class then led to me achieving two HND’s and a degree in dance and having my own dance school.

Having my own dance school means I get to pass on my love, experience and knowledge of dance to others. Giving them the chance to fall in love with dance, grow and develop not only their physical skills and health, but also encourage their social, emotional, cognitive and creative development.

You will find a lot of dance teachers went off to perform before deciding to become a teacher. But I always knew I wanted to teach and started teaching at the age of 13 alongside my dance teacher. I now have over 20 years’ experience in teaching dance to all ages and get my fix on stage when I perform annually with a local musical company, who I’ve also had the pleasure of choreographing for.

When I started MRB Dance in December 2009 I made the decision to be different from all the other dance schools, by not putting the dancers through graded exams. I discovered very early on during my further education in dance, that all the exams I did and all the grades I achieved from those exams meant absolutely nothing in any audition I did. All that mattered was how I performed on that day in the audition.


That is why at MRB Dance I focus on the dancers developing their technique in an enjoyable way, rather than the very regimented and strict way other dance schools do and we work towards performing shows annually instead of doing exams. This way the dancers learn to show how much they enjoy dancing through their performance of dance, which catches the audience and audition panels eye and keeps them watching. You can not help but smile when you see someone else smiling. It is the same with dance, if you see someone enjoying themselves dancing, you are drawn to them and enjoy watching them more.


Every show we have produced the pre-school class has always ended up giggling with enjoyment on stage and the audience can’t help but laugh with them and it is a great, natural moment full of enjoyment. These moments remind me the dancers are here to enjoy themselves and that’s what I offer. An enjoyable way to keep active, while developing many useful life skills as well as correct ballet and tap technique.

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